Tiquipaya  Cochabamba, heart of Bolivia with 400.000 Habitants. It´s located in a height of 2.553 meters above the level. Reunitesin its provinces an attractive and exotic geography and varies climates. The exuberant flora an fauna of tropical chapare, as well as several lakes near the city and the mountain range of the Tunari, whose highest top is about 5.000 metes above the sea level.

In the colonial period, by1542, the first colonizers were set in the valley, later were implanted the divisions in the old indigenous populations, converted to the Christianity, which happened to denominate “real Towns of Indians” . By this way, in 1573 was founded  “san Miguel OF TIQUIPAYA”, with a population of  2.573 habitants.
Geographically it is located 10 Km Northwest of the city of cochabamba with a average height of 2600m.a.s.l.
According to the last census of 1992 the total population of tiquipaya  is 13.371 persons.

Tiquipaya, where the spring is eternal, thanks to its tempered climate with a temperature range of 20to 29 Celsius  degrees, gives rise to this name  TIQUIPAYA (place of the Flowers) by its important participation in the cultivation and culture of flowers for national sale, also for export. Here you find attractions and touristy places, like being: the temple of San Miguel that dates from the beginnings of the town, valleys, canyons with lakes, give the  coolness of a countryside in constant spring.

Every year important fairs take place, like been: the potato Fair  in the month of  July, The Chicha Fair the first of may and the Trout Fair in the month of septembe, not forgetting the traditional folkloric Religious celebration of the  tiquipaya´s patron saint Miguel, each October 21.

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